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현보경, [묶다]

  • oil on canvas, 33.4X24cm, 2015


    관계 (Les relations)

    인간은 여타의 자연이나 사물과 분리된 개별적 존재 가운데 하나이지만, 세계에 대한 이제까지의 인지방식에 따르면 인간은 여타의 동물계와 식물계, 나아가 자연과 우주 전체와 일정한 방식으로 관계를 맺고 있는 하나의 현상, 패턴일 뿐이다. 

    즉 독립된 개체는 존재하지 않고, 전체 속에서 주변과의 관계를 통해 형성되는 것이다.

    나의 작업에서 끈이란 상호관련성, 전체로서의 그물망, 시스템과 같은 것을 상징한다. 이러한 의미에서 비롯된 끈에 대해 나는 서로 맺어주는 매개물로서의 의미에 집중한다.“묶다”의 사전적 의미는 “매다”,“속박하다”,“모아 합치다”,“연결하다” 이다.

    ‘묶음’이 일으키는 관념은 부정적인 것으로부터 긍정적인 것에 이르기까지, 그리고 물리적인 것으로부터 정신적인 것에 이르기까지 넓은 폭을 지닌다. 나 자신 역시 이러한 끈에 의한 묶음이 지닌 폭넓은 상징성에 제한을 두고 있지 않다. 사람과 사람, 사람과 사물, 그리고 세계와 우주의 모든 관계를 끈에 의한 묶음으로 포괄해서 이해하고자 한다.

    하늘은 무한함을 의미하며, 따라서 그것은 모든 것을 담고 있다. 세계의 모든 것이 관계 속에서 존재하기에, 그 모두를 담기에 하늘만큼 적합한 것은 없다고 생각 되었다. 나의 작업은 나의 작업을 보는 이들을 묶고 관계하게 하는 또 하나의 끈이다. 보는 이들이 자신의 존재방식과 그 의의를 돌이키고 수 많은 관계들의 의미를 곱씹게 되는 것이, 지금 나와 나의 그림이 존재하는 방식과 의의이다. 이렇게 내가 내민 끈 한쪽을 보는 이들은 어떻게 끈을 내어 매듭으로 묶을까… (현보경/작가노트 중)


    My work is inspired by my everyday life. 

    The small things are always around us and easily neglected. I want to represent the small things in our daily lives. I started to paint a dragonfly, and I paint a tie now. I am confident that things, humans, nature and animals are related one another in some ways. What does the daily lives relate to me? What kind of the relation does the everyday lives have with me? I started to have the questions and express the relation. I represent the relation with a string, a cord, a knot, a lace, a rope and so on. Tying by the string, the cord and the rope implies a lot of meanings. It has negative meanings such as to restrain or to hang: someone can hang himself or herself. It has affirmative meanings such as to connect or to unite each other. I want to express the relation of all creation with the meaning of tying. 

    I would like to comprehensively understand the relation that is knotty, tied and untied by strings between a person and a person, a human and a thing, a thing and nature, and later the world and the universe. The objects of the relation are exactly described, but they are expressed the infinity with the sky or the atypical patterns and the flat surface.

    My work is also the tie that ties and relates between my paintings and the viewers who dwell on existing method of themselves and many relation they have, which is the way I live and the meaning of my paintings now. 


    During studying in France, my work corresponds to my previous work. The early painting in France is focused on the texture, and tried to imprint the daily things and the preciousness of everyday life. The shape of the object that comes together from the beginning of mankind vanishes as time passes. My work depicts a certain kind of trace when the shape fades away and the process of the trace is remained. As the object that is regarded natural to be is absent, the existence of the object is imprinted, which I represent the process of the remaining of the object. When the object is remained as the trace on the flat surface, the vanished object is vitalized.

    Even a moment is a part of history. Everything we see and nature we cannot see are priceless. I experience happenings of the precious daily lives, and I need to select what is mine. 


    The present of my work is combined the trace that I worked in France and the tying work. I represent the relation of things that are fading away in history and things we cannot recognize because they are so considered normal. I will stay three months in Thailand, and this period can be short or long. It depends on what to think. I think the experience in Thailand will influence my work a lot and I would like to look many things around me, and I am willing to experience everything my sight is reached and the relation I have.

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